How to gain confidence as a foreign professional, so you never feel behind or left out again, and excel in your job.

How to get from OVERWORKED-NOBODY to IN-DEMAND-EXPERT despite cultural and language differences

Living abroad, far from a supportive network, can be exhausting and overwhelming. Often feeling stuck, shut down and become silent is the result.

There is nothing wrong with you! Stress and pressure prevents you from concentrated work and discourages you from trying something new.

Get the process to be free from stress and overwhelm.

You are an Expat, living a demanding life with high expectations, but now it feels like you are losing the ground under your feet?

You have moved to a foreign country, and experience challenges like bureaucracy, language, adapting to a new culture...?

Everything feels foreign and you miss your HOME?


Learn to regain your own personal power, feel amazing and engage with others without compromising on who you are.

I am here for you. Get orientation and first help in a free 20 minute call.


If you:

feel overwhelmed, because things are different from what you have thought.

think, you are behind.

should make a decision, but can't.

do not follow your dreams and ideas...




I will take you step by step through a process that will help you

make your goals come true.

to belong without compromising on who you are.

empower your strengths.

to belong as you are.

build a supportive network.

to relax and don't worry.

to concentrate on your job.




I offer 1 on 1 coaching. We will start exactly where you are right now. You'll get a process in which we work step by step on the obstacles that are preventing you from working confidently and safely in your job, from belonging to society, and from realizing your goals.


My offer:

1 on 1 Coaching, each 60 Minutes

Orientation and ideas.

Exercises to understand your needs

How to make decisions.

How to deal with anxiety and stress.

How to deal with cultural differences.

A plan how to get things done.


As a result...

you exactly know what you do and why.

experience the life you want and deserve.

recognize new opportunities.

you are successful in your job, and find smart solutions.

live the life you deserve.

feel connected and build a new network.




Yes, it takes some courage and initiative. I will provide you with a proven process to figure it all out.

You will see results pretty soon.

Book you free 20-minute orientation call. That alone will take you one step further.


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