multi-cultural background to your benefit


Do you feel sick of being frustrated or scared? Are you tired of hiding your full background to fit in?

Do you miss the sense of belonging?

I will help you get unstuck, and regain strength you once had at home.

Feel better and create extraordinary results wherever you are in this world.

I'll guide you through a process that strengthens and redefines your identity. Become the leader of your life again by creating the space you need to evolve.

Ready for a meaningful life?

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Hey, I am Maritta.

I support individuals from multicultural backgrounds as they navigate life's transitions.

Within a secure and supportive space, I'll personally guide you through a tried-and-true process, allowing you to rediscover your inner wisdom and tap into your innate strength. This transformative journey not only unlocks your creativity but also provides access to your unique talents and resources. It enables you to smoothly navigate major life & daily transitions as: Location Shift I Coping with the losses of familiar surroundings and creating a new home with a sense of security. Language Shift I Navigating work in a non-native language Cultural Identity Shift I Fostering a feeling of belonging and connection in a new cultural context.

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Multi-cultiural background or living and working abroad

Living abroad, far from a supportive network, can be exhausting and overwhelming. Often feeling stuck, shut down and becoming silent is the result.

Are you in a demanding job, have high expectations of yourself, but you are often misunderstood? Because you're more of an introvert, you'll find less of an opportunity, and the foreign language slows things down further.

You don't have to let all of this get in your way. Learn how to overcome these obstacles without compromising on who you are. 

If you:

feel overwhelmed, because things are different from what you have thought.

think, you are behind and misunderstood.

should make a decision, but can't.

do not follow your dreams and ideas...


I will take you step by step through a process that will help you:

make the career and money you want.

belong without compromising on who you are.

empower your strengths.

build a supportive network.

concentrate on your job.

Make the shift happen.

Get support and guidance for your global work and cross cultural life.


When stress & worries are no longer a problem, they disappear.


By 1:1 mentoring
3 modules - online

Topics e.g.

How to deal with anxiety & worry
Be heard and understood
Leadership and resilience
Work successfully in a team
Overcome language barriers
Bridging the cultural gap


MODULE 1 - analysis & strategy

MODULE 2 - goal setting & planning

MODULE 3 - training & action

Each module contains 3 x 60-minute 1:1 coaching sessions

Weekly exercises with 3x mail feedback

Documentation & actionplan


The modules can be booked individually




-Ask for courses-


Leadership & Lifemanagement

Goal setting

How to get it done




– Im –

Pick apples together

Create a supportive network

Gather and connect

Group coaching

Get inspired by nature & people


"Without your help I would probably have postponed the next step in my professional career for years. You quickly recognized what was preventing me and guided me through a clear and creative process so that I actually dared to take the next step. I never would have believed what was possible."

Alex W.

"Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity."