Is there any point in being smart if you don't put your intellectual horsepower into action?

Are you tired of being overlooked, holding back, and not speaking up when you have something to say?

Do you have goals and challenge yourself, but fear, shame, and reluctance keep holding you back?



Hey, I am Maritta.

I am a mindset coach, mediator, and I've been an architect for more than 20 years.

I work with ambitious internationals who are transitioning to a foreign culture, job or career. I support them in this change process so that they can regain their inner stability easier and quickly. I also support them to draw on their strengths.

I have lived and worked in countries such as India, China and Canada and grew up in Pakistan and Sri Lanka.

I know what it means to be a stranger, to start over and create your own identity over and over again.

I work with cognitive psychology methods that enable remarkable results for transitioning processes. I combine these with appropriate negotiation, creativity and implementation tools from my architect practice. Ultimately, it is about creating inner and outer space that enable opportunity for growth, security, and belonging.

If you want to regain this space for yourself, then start with a free 30-minute conversation or write me briefly your request, I will be happy to get back to you.

Long story short?

  • Yes, I am a certified coach and a mediator
  • No, that doesn't mean I like "woo-woo" and enjoy reading tea leaves. I'm happy to clarify à la Sherlock Holmes what it's really about.
  • Yes, I am an architect who studied law and has an MBA.
  • No, I didn't do it all at once, but it taught me to think consistently, freely and creatively.
  • So creativity, setting goals, planning and implementation are important to me.
  • I love to see meaningful and beautiful results.
  • My approach is pragmatic and result-oriented.

More about?

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