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Difference can be both, mind-blocker or superpower. Difference can also cause both, conflict or integration.

I believe, if we allow ourselves and others to be who we are we create inspiration, innovation and a more peaceful world.

My work is all about transforming differences into inspiration in order to take it to purposeful actions.

I encourage Internationals who feel foreign, don’t know how to belong, who feel unidentified grief and face various obstacles to utilize the uniqueness of their life and turn it into strength, so they can create a meaningful life, gain power in their jobs and archive their goals.

Hello! I am Maritta, I am a certified coach, mediator and an architect.

I am the founder of "opinpoint". cross cultural coaching. I help expats and people in an intercultural context to

to settle down in a new country, and business culture,
deal with change,
build a supportive community,
reflect and honor their own cultural background,

so that they don't let their inner and outer stress slow them down, courageously go their own way, recognize their possibilities and thus successfully implement their goals.

Globalization gives us the chance to work and live in different countries. This is exciting and interesting, but it can also be a major family, social and cultural challenge. Loneliness, loss and the feeling of not belonging are usually also part of an international way of life.


I was born in Munich, and grew up in Pakistan and Sri Lanka as a daughter of an Expat. I only knew Germany from our vacations. Sri Lanka felt like my home, although I always knew I was a foreigner there.

Our “relocating” to Germany caused many thoughts about my identity, language, home, relationships...

Longing for more diversity and my own identity, I was drawn to other cultures - Canada, China, India.

Every time I moved, the question of my own identity arose again.

It is a process and a challenge to engage with a different culture, a new way of working, new people and surrounding and still have a clear and good relationship with yourself.

I like to pass on this process, and this experience in my work. Yes, it's an art, and you can learn it step by step!

My work as a mentor today is not about taking away the challenges of life, career, family....It is about keeping those challenges from manifesting in debilitating ways in your life.

If you want to work with me, then maybe you should know the following:


  • Yes, I am a certified life-coach and a mediator
  • No, that doesn't mean I like "woo-woo" and enjoy reading tea leaves. I'm happy to clarify à la Sherlock Holmes what it's really about.
  • Law and architecture school and my personal story taught me to think rigorously, free and creatively.
  • As in my work as a self-employed architect with an MBA, I have a clear approach and love to see meaningful and beautiful results in my coaching too.
  • My approach is pragmatic and result-oriented.


However, I know the best project and management tools are of no use, if self-doubt and panic are constantly in the way!

I love to teach, how to leave this confusing cycle without compromising on who you are.

Kind regards




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