Unglücklich im Job, weil…

Because your expertise is being overseen?
Your are burned out and have lost your drive for your job?
You want a pay raise, but you don't know how?
Can't connect with the team?

Let's get you excited about your job once again so you're the most popular person on your team, which results in a higher paycheck for you. Call me for a free 30-minute consultation.

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What challenges do you face?

Support and guidance for your global work.


Regain self-motivation and passion for your work.



Fear & overwhelm
Be heard and understood
Get a pay raise
Work successfully in a team
Overcome language barriers
Bridging the cultural gap


MODULE 1 - analysis & strategy

MODULE 2 - goal setting & planning

MODULE 3 - training & action

Each module contains 3 x 60-minute 1:1 coaching sessions

Weekly exercises with 3x mail feedback

Documentation & actionplan


The modules can be booked individually




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Leadership & Lifemanagement

Goal setting

How to get it done



– Im opinpoint.garden –


Gather and connect

Group coaching I Points of you coaching game

Get inspired

Apple pie & tea & coffee

Take apples with you

No question...

You know you are well-educated, successful, smart, nice……

And sometimes it doesn’t feel that way. You feel anxious, insecure, shame, burnt out…

And it is not that there is something wrong with you, or you did something wrong!


Working in a foreign language, living in a new culture, experiencing a new business culture can be exhausting.

Everything that was valid is suddenly no longer valid.

You no longer recognize yourself.

It brings up a fundamental desire for connection and belonging.

No question, that requires a lot of extra energy, and your self-esteem goes down.


Work takes up far too much time for it not to have meaning.

Because in the long run, you will

lose competence.

withdraw from responsibility and your team.

make less money.

stay in a job that doesn’t really meet your expectations.


It’s time to do something different!

I will teach you how to step out of your insecure corner, liberate yourself from neediness and go out and make a difference with your true self.

Book you free 30-minute consultation call. That alone will take you one step further.

"With your support, I was able to see clearly again, regain my sovereignty and make important decisions."

"You have a broad expertise. That was very helpful, thank you very much!"

Bärbel I Germany

"I had a great coaching session with Maritta. She provided a space where I felt comfortable opening up to her about my doubts and fears about starting a new business. By speaking with Maritta, I was able to get clearer on the deeper reasons for why I wanted to start a business. This understanding has helped me to move through fear and finally start my company. I’m so excited to start my journey as an entrepreneur."

"Thank you for your help, Maritta!"

Hunter I Texas, US

"Thanks to your coaching, I was able to make another big step forward. The big picture has finally become clear to me. This is what I've been looking for. There was an immediate relief from the burden I felt."

Anna I Austria